07 April 2011

Movies to avoid when you're depres blesthfully dipped

by Nia

It would be more positive to offer a list of movies that are safe to watch when you're depressed, but people's triggers are too unpredictable. Take "Amélie," for example: watching a gorgeous skinny French chick traipsing around one of the world's most beautiful, romantic, and expensive cities might or might not be the thing for you right now.

This list is also influenced by my abhorrence for scenes shot in cheap housing with overhead lighting, and for vampires who are not glamorous or intelligent. One must put one's foot down.

Your suggestions are welcome.

Black Hawk Down
Children of Men
Das Boot
The Deer Hunter
Easy Rider
Eraserhead (crappy housing)
Frankenstein / Bride of Frankenstein
The Killing Fields
Leaving Las Vegas
Let the Right One In (sad child vampire in crappy housing)
Martin (dumb young-adult vampire in crappy housing)
Midnight Cowboy
Mystic River
Requiem for a Dream
The Road
Stranger than Paradise (crappy housing, crappy town)
Taxi Driver
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Welcome to Sarajevo
The Wrestler (more crappy housing, but that's not really the issue)

Image: Chicago Tribune photo of Biograph theater, July 22, 1934, after John Dillinger was shot. No, I don't have permission to use it.