30 January 2011

Has anyone ever said anything to you that succeeded in easing your depression?

NIA: Nope. Which isn't to say that the two therapists I saw — one in college for several semesters, God bless 'er, and another for a few months in my mid-20s (her, too) — didn't help me to sort out some issues and teach me thinking processes so that I could keep normal, daily bullshit from swamping my beleaguered mental state.

I picture it this way: take the monolith from "2001: A Space Odyssey" and stick it in a brain. Now imagine that each of life's little challenges — a relative's bitchiness, a coworker's lying, a friend's passive-aggressiveness — is a piece of barbed wire that blows across the, uh, tundra and gets stuck on the monolith. (Yes, I realize that it is unlikely this would happen with a material designed to cross vast regions of space.) The therapist helped me to identify the barbed wire and get rid of it. The monolith remained.

Not that I am immune to a great motivational speech: