25 March 2011

Vogue article about nutrient therapy for depression

by Nia
In the April 2011 issue of Vogue, the article "Bitter Pills" (doesn't seem to be online) mentions two U.S. clinics that focus on nutritional treatment for depression. (If you are not familiar with this magazine, rest assured that it features world-class journalists and writers. And, yes, articles on the history of the corset and why the future is fuchsia. Women are complicated creatures.)

The first is Recovery Systems Clinic in Mill Valley, California, which originally focused on treating drug addiction. I remember looking at it about 11 years ago when I was first starting my medical experiments to end my depression. I couldn't afford the trip out there, though. The founder is psychologist Julia Ross, M.A., who is the author of The Mood Cure and The Diet Cure, both of which I have found helpful.

The other is the National Center for Whole Psychiatry (on the website it's just Whole Psychiatry) in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

The author of the article uses the words food and nutrients interchangeably, which is annoying, but who's quibbling. I usually look askance at these types of articles because they end up touting the promise of some single, minor substance like blueberries or miso or cordyceps mushrooms, but here the author mentions many of the supplements/substances that I myself had the most success with.

Image: (Very minor) remix by M. Rhea of detail of Edgar Degas' "The Absinthe Drinker," 1876. {{PD-art}}.