19 March 2011

I spoke too soon...

by Nia

In my recent idol-worshipping entry about Salon's Cary Tennis, I mentioned his lack of references to possible nutrition/diet/medical reasons for depression, but voila! This was in his March 16 column:

"As long as you're not drinking, you've got a good chance of beating the depression. So please: Ask your doctor for a referral to a cognitive therapist, ask for some different medications, and consider other factors, dietary, chemical, hormonal, metabolic, what have you, may be at play. Recently I heard from someone who said that a Vitamin D deficiency was a factor in her depression. If you are a musician and you work at night and do not get much sun ... well, all I'm saying is, ask your doctors about everything: diet, vitamins, nutritional needs, hormonal changes, everything."