12 February 2011

Alternative terms for "depressed"/"depression"

by Nia and Pastor Jayne

blessed with depth
AOI: administer opiates immediately
CAIWOSHI: crushingly alone in a world of slap-happy idiots

mood shadows
LTI (less-than-ideal) mood
epic funk (alt. ESF: epoch-shattering funk)
killer woe
The Olduvai Slide (A ravine full of buried bones. For The Far Side fans.)
Double-D: dolorous dejection
EEP: ennui of egregious proportions
GDAAM: "Gloom, despair, and agony on me" (For "Hee Haw" fans.)
MAAFU: mood abnormal all fu--ed up (cf. snafu)
Triple-D: disastrous dolorous dejection
W-2: wretched wretchedness

For depression with a hint of irritability
BOOD: back off or die (variant of KYDOD: keep your distance or die)

Image: detail of Niccolo dell'Arca's "Lamentation Over the Dead Christ," 1463-85. {{PD-art}}. Wailey face by M. Rhea.